Increasing Access to Economic Stability

    EarnBenefits® is a groundbreaking benefits access program. It combines cutting-edge technology with effective case management services to help agencies across the country connect people to the support they need in their communities. Seedco leverages public and private funding to continually improve the technology and help local organizations sustain EarnBenefits.

    About EarnBenefits
    Three key features make EarnBenefits ideal for communities looking to streamline access to assistance.

      1. Technology InnovationEarnBenefits Online® is a password-protected, web-based software application developed and maintained by Seedco.  Rigorous benefits research and a powerful rules engine enables EarnBenefits Online to calculate eligibility for 20 benefits or more after a short interview. EarnBenefits Online populates application forms and saves them to client profiles, enabling users to focus on ensuring accurate and complete information. This reduces processing time until the client is enrolled in benefits.Moreover, EarnBenefits Online can be integrated into an agency’s standard client data systems to streamline the intake process and ensure that all clients are screened for benefits as efficiently as possible. 
      2. Versatility. Seedco has an unparalleled track record of working with partners to bring EarnBenefits services to a wide range of community settings, including Head Start centers, workforce programs, community colleges, and food pantries.  More than 80 local partners across the country operate EarnBenefits.The program is accessible to implementation partners from any computer with Internet access and a standard Web browser, making EarnBenefits Online a versatile and mobile benefits access tool with many practical applications. For example, Seedco is exploring how EarnBenefits can play a role in quickly and easily connecting people to multiple benefits and resources after disasters. 
      3. Large-Scale Impact. Since 2005, EarnBenefits has connected more than 214,000 low-income households to benefits and income supports worth more than $287 million. Building on this record of success, EarnBenefits is poised to continue to make large-scale impact.For example, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 will dramatically increase the number of Americans who are eligible for government-sponsored health insurance.  With experience getting multiple federal and state benefits to hard-to-reach and extremely needy populations, Seedco’s EarnBenefits networks are well-positioned to reach these individuals and enroll them in health benefits.Seedco can also help states comply with a requirement of the Affordable Care Act to connect residents with multiple benefits beyond health insurance in an integrated and user-friendly way.

        Additionally, Seedco is exploring opportunities to partner with government agencies, universities, and foundations to conduct demonstration projects that would rigorously test the impact of multiple benefits screening and enrollment using EarnBenefits on families’ longer term outcomes such as school performance, job retention and housing stability.

    Across the country, community-based groups and nonprofits are using EarnBenefits as part of a broader strategy to improve economic opportunities for families in need. Looking ahead, Seedco plans to play an increasing role in that effort by deepening its involvement in states where EarnBenefits now operates and by working with agencies to make the program available in more states and communities.