How We Work

    Seedco’s expertise and extensive experience allows us to provide innovative solutions in the area of economic development.

    • We focus on emerging economic issues that affect workers, families, and small businesses.
    • In response to these issues, we move quickly to forge partnerships with community-based organizations, and leverage funding to design and launch innovative programs.
    • As we and our community-based partners implement programs, we collect data about our work so we can measure our performance and make ongoing improvements and refinements.
    • Finally, we share what we have learned with other nonprofits, policy makers, and service providers so that the best programs can be reproduced on a larger scale.

    We work on three complementary levels:

    • As an intermediary: Seedco manages a large network of community-based organizations that provide direct services to the communities they know best. This intermediary approach is a crucial component of successful partnerships between community-based organizations and funders.
      • We share the risk so the financial burden isn’t as heavy.
      • We raise funds and negotiate collectively.
      • We collect and analyze data to continuously improve programs and service delivery.
      • We help build capacity and offer ongoing support and technical assistance.
    • As a direct service provider: Seedco also works directly with employers, job seekers, and workers. We develop innovative programs that target specific population groups and we customize each program so that it meets the needs of each organization.
    • As a consultant and policy adviser: Seedco measures the impact of each our programs and disseminates best practices to the field. Through a process of consulting and technical assistance, we share what we learn with other nonprofit organizations, policy makers, and service providers.