“Step Up” Career Planning Guide

Step UpIn 2006, the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development provided funding to Seedco to update the In-School Youth Work Readiness Curriculum. The curriculum was designed to prepare youth to enter the workforce with the tools and skills needed to make good work-related decisions and to build successful careers. The activities offer participants a chance to understand the realities of the job market and to develop concrete skill sets required of most, if not all, workers (e.g., reading, research, communication, prioritizing, professionalism, etc.). Most importantly, the exercises encourage participants to ‘dream big’ about their futures and map out education and employment-related opportunities they have as young adults. The guide aims to (1) provide practical, sound advice that will enable participants to secure employment and succeed on the job, and (2) empower youth to take control of their long-term careers. Due to size constraints, please email info@seedco.org to receive a full electronic copy.