• Seedco has been working in Shelby County for over ten years. In 2004, Seedco opened the Mid-South office in Memphis. In 2007, the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) selected Seedco to implement its Families First program to help thousands of Shelby County residents make the transition from public assistance to employment. Working with multiple nonprofits, employers, and government partners in Shelby County, Seedco is helping jobseekers enter the workforce, build careers, and advance.

Programs offered:

  • Empower YOUth: In-School and Out-of-School Youth
  • Training to Work 3: Mid-South Career Pathways Collaborative
  • Ready to Work H1B
  • Seeding Entrepreneurship Across the Mid-South
  • EarnBenefits

Key Achievements:

Since 2004, Seedco has worked with DHS to provide outreach services about the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) to under-served residents in Shelby County. In 2010, through our EarnBenefits program, Seedco helped Shelby county clients obtain more than $4.1 million in benefits that would have otherwise gone unused.

  • 69,000 + Tennessee clients served since 2007
  • 29,000 + job placements in the Mid-South since 2008
  • 200 + recipients of industry-specific training in partnership with Memphis BioWorks Foundation since 2010
  • $2.9 million+ in volunteer labor to Shelby County through workforce development training
  • 2,900+ foreclosure-prevention counseling sessions in the Mid-South region

 Tennessee EarnBenefits: A Strong Record Since 2005

  • 14,000+ Tennessee households connected to benefits
  • 120,800+ benefits obtained by clients
  • $36 million+ in benefits obtained